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B3 Well Services can handle all of your hauling needs, whether its aggregate, pipeline, or heavy haul of equipment. We have worked on hauling for oil pad construction and repair, county road projects, oil service roads, parking lots, heavy equipment movement, and pipeline materials. Let us know what your needs are and we will do our best to give you the right service, at the right price.
In addition, we can arrange for various types of loading or unloading at your site.

All of our work is fully documented with:

  • An executed Sales Contract.
  • Documented Loading Sheets (tickets and invoicing)
  • Documented Trucking (pickup/delivery tickets and invoicing)
  • General Statement and full job nvoicing


We can supply our gravel trucks to every corner of the Bakken.

Our Fleet includes Trucks with Belly Dumps, Side Dumps, and End Dumps to fit your specific need.

Many locations will not require a “drive to location” fee. Call for exact numbers.

Our expertise also includes hauling waste from your job site (oil) to various approved disposal sites.

Our rates to the client vary on the type of work and the volume of work.

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