Are you interested in training with kettlebells or barbells, but unsure where to begin? Let us help you start training the right way via our online coaching platform. Purchase any of the below strength programs designed by Coach Jeremiah, a StrongFirst certified coach, or choose 1-1 coaching . Whether you are looking to enter a powerlifting competition, train for a StrongFirst certification, or just get strong for life, we can help!

1-1 Strength Coaching – $139 per month*

  • Custom programming for your goals (determined during initial strategy session)
  • Biweekly check-in with your coach to review lifting technique, trouble shoot stalled progress, and answer any programming questions
  • 1-1 coaching comes with access to a fitness app where your workouts will be all set for you. The app will allow you to log your progress, see exercise demos, and communicate with a coach if and when you have questions or concerns.

Training Template – $40 per template

  • Choose a template based on your training goals
  • Templates are delivered via email in PDF format
  • Video demonstrations of all movements are included

*requires a 3 month initial commitment

Ready? Start your journey today.